Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

About Origami Bijou 

Fashioned from a single sheet of fine silver (99.9% pure), our origami charms are folded in the same tradition as paper, but won't wilt like paper. 

Origami Bijou is a concise collection of cranes, darling doodads, and beautiful botanicals that will delight all those who love the quaint and dainty curios. 

Each bijou comes in a custom, handmade box.

Our Founder

Cindy Ng – a creative entrepreneur, tech blogger, and curious lifelong learner – draws no distinction between life and work, career and calling.

Inspired by the promise of developing the skills one would acquire by way of working at a start-up, Cindy tried her hand at entrepreneurship.

In 2003, she designed a line of origami kits and jewelry, built an e-commerce website and sold her work online. Retail stores around the world stocked her merchandise, including prestigious museums like SF MOMA, The Art Institute of Chicago, The New York Botanical Garden, The Smithsonian, and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Coverage in top publications like The Washington Post and Real Simple led to a book deal with Random House and Girligami was published in 2008.

With a solid track record, she acquired imprints with Tirion Uitgevers BV(Netherlands) and Tuttle Publishing, plus a smashing review in the New York Times.

In 2010, Joel Comm featured her business as a case study in his wildly popular business book, KaChing, How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays.

Meanwhile, in 2010, she was interested in a career pivot and she started working at an enterprise IT security start-up – Varonis. The company proved its business prowess and got its own ticker symbol in 2014.

Cindy currently writes for Varonis’ infosec blog, covering data security and privacy. She is also the host of the Inside Out Security Show podcast.