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[Press] Girligami on Audrey Magazine

Cindy Ng
Girligami on Audrey Magazine
Girligami on Audrey Magazine

Good on paper: Origami gets a makeover with Cindy Ng's new book Girligami.

Ever since I could remember, I've been obsessed with fashion. As a pre-schooler, I'd cut out all the princesses in their ball gowns from every Disney picture book my parents got me. As I got older, Barbie did the trick (though what I wouldn't have given for a Mulan doll or even an "Tropical Miko" Barbie then!) By the time I hit double digits, I was still into pretty clothes, but this time I would spend hours (a whole summer, in fact) designing and making my own out of paper for my Hello Kitty origami paper doll.

Origami is a Japanese word derived from "oru" which means folding, and "kami" which means paper, but paper folding originated in China after the invention of paper in the first or second century A.D. Called zhe zhi in China, the art of paper folding became more widespread in Japan after the introduction of paper there by Chinese monks. By the 15th century, Japanese samurai warriors used origami for gift giving at banquets.

My paper doll folding days are long behind me now, that is until I saw Cindy Ng's new book Girligami: A Fresh, Fun Fashionable Spin on Origami. Suddenly, I was 10 again, itching to get my hands on some pretty patterened paper. Pointy stiletto pumps and origami? An mp3 player, a handbag, a pleated skirt? Even an off-the-shoulder A-line cocktail dress with a lacy bolero as a topper! Oh, Kitty, if only...

Anna M. Park