Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Book Review: Japanese Paper Crafting

Cindy Ng

Japanese paper crafting If you've always been curious about washi paper, you're in luck because this book is for you! Japanese Paper Crafting by Michael LaFosse will teach you how to create washi paper as well as uses for it!

You can use wash to create your own awards and writing letters, especially when using calligraphy. Another surprising use of wash is that you can create Shoji Screens - a type of room partition or divider - these paper walls help organize life into pleasant, illuminated, harmonious spaces. Also you can use washi paper to make containers, wrapping paper, book covers, lanterns, and kites.

If you don't want to make washi paper, there are instructions to make the famous origami crane, envelopes, vase cover, and decorative boxes. Washi paper simply inspire beauty in our lives and it's fun to make!