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Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Book Review: Origami Flowers

Cindy Ng

origami flowers All origami enthusiasts are a bit romantic, a word that means different things to different people, but certainly a gesture that requires time, thoughtfulness, and patience. Famed origami masters, Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, cowrote Origami Flowers, a beautiful origami kit that will surely set the stage for a little romance in your life.

Once you've practiced a couple of models- there are a total of 20 - you can create these flowers for a multitude of occasions: origami roses for Valentines Day, Mother's Day greeting cards and bouquets, as well as wedding centerpieces, table decor and favors.

Remember, even if your flower doesn't come out perfectly, "It's the thought that counts". That's what's great about origami, it doesn't matter how little a gift costs, or the outcome of your folds; what is important is the feeling or thoughtfulness that the giver is expressing. 

The authors also dedicated this book to their mothers - a very romantic gesture.