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Book Review: Origami Ikebana

Cindy Ng

origami ikebana If you liked Origami Flowers, you'll like Origami Ikebana by Benjamin John Coleman. Ikenbana is the long beloved flower arranging technique that honors nature and creates beauty through harmony and balance.

For those who don't have a green thumb, like myself, you will find this book a godsend! You'll learn how to fold 8 different leaves and more than 30 different flower types. What's more, paper origami flowers won't wither over time.

"Assembling Origami Ikebana" - an important section that explains - at a high level - how to combine all the pieces together into a beautiful arrangement. He discusses shape, heigh, perspective and color. Once you understand all the different principles, you'll be able to let your imagination run while, creating your very own ikebana - for yourself, friends and family!