Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Cardboard Everything Restaurant

Cindy Ng

Cardboard RestaurantBecause origami falls under the paper engineering category, I must share this amazing paper engineered restaurant where everything (chairs, tables, cup holders, interiors) except the food is cardboard. Based in Hong Kong, Slim Taste serves healthy Chinese cuisine such as steamed red bean cake, mushroom fried purple rice, and tempura yam rolls. I haven't been to Slim Taste, but they are located in Central: 9/F Stanley 11, 11 Stanley Street. By the way, what a quirky and odd English translation for this cardboard eatery. I'd prefer to call the restaurant "The Cardboard Restaurant." I wonder where and/or when I would find "The Origami Restaurant." wink wink. Cardboard Restaurant

Cardboard Restaurant