Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Daniel Schipper experiments with origami

Cindy Ng

Currently you cannot send your eager child to origami school, fold for hours and produce a world renowned origami master. There are origami clubs, but not a curriculum dedicated to teaching origami. However there are design schools who might offer assignments that encourage origami inspired thinking! Daniel Schipper who is a graduate from the Design Academy in Eindhoven (south of the Netherlands) discovered origami when he was assigned a class project to create a homeless shelter. When one is homeless, easy transport becomes a key design element. If you are lucky, you might have a sleeping bag; otherwise maybe you might consider Mr. Schipper's shelter made from misprinted milk packaging.

Since then, he's discovered the amazing powers of origami. He noticed that you don't need extra screws, bells, or whistles to create a functional and beautiful product. He's created more origami inspired items, including an awesome greenhouse and child's chair for play! Asked how he learned origami? He replied, "Just foldin' for days in a row until I find the perfect shape or construction method."