Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

How Origami Unlocked My Inner Creative Genius

Cindy Ng

I have always thought of origami as a clever and beautiful art form. It has a rich history that dates back to the first or second century AD in China and gained prominence in the fifteenth century, when high-class Japanese samurai warriors practiced it as a form of gift-giving at banquets. However, I could never understand why origami continued to be such a popular pastime. I thought about it for a long time and came up with my own theory.

When I was ten, I really wanted to wear a pair of high heels because I thought I would look cool, but never found the occasion to get a pair (truth: my mother wouldn’t let me). Now that I am old enough to wear heels, I still have to dream about looking cool in them — because the reality is, I can barely walk in them! There is one consolation, though. If I can’t walk in them, I can at least fold them. This is why I started folding high heels. While folding shoes, I stumbled upon folding different kinds of sweets, which brought back fond memories of first dates, and excursions with girlfriends celebrating life’s joys and sorrows (which of course then made me hungry for real sweets). Each new project brought memories to mind, which in turn inspired other new projects.

Origami has always been an interesting way to engage and connect with our dreams, memories, and desires. As we fold origami creations, we think about what they represent, and the connections to our past and future lives — all with just a simple piece of paper!!

What can you do with origami?

First, you can wear it! Fashioned from a single sheet of silver, Origami Bijou enables you to adorn this beautiful art without wilting!

Second, you can fold it! Girligami has eighteen origami creations to make with the help of easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions.

The projects are inspired by the world of delicious sweets, wacky critters, high-tech gadgets, falling in love, and the fashion runway.

And have you ever wondered what to do with a cool piece of origami that you have just made? Well, now you can turn them into little gifts for yourself or your friends. There are lots of super fun and easy projects to make from your folded designs — everything from jewelry, to greeting cards, to hanging notepads.

All the projects in the book are easy enough for curious beginners and intriguing enough for seasoned enthusiasts.  So get ready: new and old memories are about to unfold at your fingertips.