Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Origami in New York City - Part 1

Cindy Ng

max and cleo origami dress It's been a little over a month since my move from San Francisco to New York and over the next couple of weeks and months to come, I'll be creating posts of and about origami I discover in this bustling city I now call home.

I live near 5th Avenue and one fashion trend that reappears in each and every store are folded and sculptural dresses, skirts and tops. My small Asian eyes bulge when I first discover these beautiful pieces of clothing, because my mind is screaming, I WANT NOW!!!!!!! But upon closer inspection, my mind quickly adopts this new attitude - great concept, bad craftsmanship.

So I go from store to store feeling evermore disappointed with each origami inspired piece of clothing, until I came across this Max and Cleo origami dress I found at YAMAK! The details on this dress is folded neatly just like I would with a piece of paper and the color selection for this style is also vibrant and fun.

An added bonus to this story - after my relocation, I went from a size 6 to a size 2, so now I have a new figure, new city and a new dress.