Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Takayuki Hori’s Beautiful X-Ray Origami Animals Shine Light on 8 Endangered Species

Cindy Ng

Art, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost, Takayuki Hori, X-ray Origami, trasluscent Origami, Endangered Species, ephemeral art, recyclable paper, biodegradable paper, paper art, paper sculpture, Japanese art, japanese design, origami, origami animals, Oritsunagumono, Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award From solar cell origami lamps to cute nano-origami animals, we can’t get enough of the Japanese art of folding paper. The newest origami creations to catch our eye are Takayuki Hori’s beautiful folded figures, which feature 8 endangered species. Dubbed Oritsunagumono — things folded and connected — these X-ray origami works of art include a sea turtle, a waterfowl, and 6 other animals that are in danger of disappearing altogether.

via INHABITAT http://inhabitat.com/takayuki-hori-beautiful-x-ray-origami-animals-shine-light-on-8-endangered-species/