Origami Bijou

Fashioned from a single sheet of silver

Valentine's Day is almost here

Cindy Ng

Some quick announcements- perfect for Valentine's Day. I'm going to be in Houston at the Museum of Fine Arts this Valentines Day to fold cute little origami hearts from my book Girligami. So whether or not you have a Valentine, come fold an origami heart and if you're lucky maybe you will even find yourself a valentine at the museum. Also I received a really sweet email from Catherine Lash, the creative director at The Wedding Company in Toronto, Canada. She started a project called The Crane Chandelier Project. They are requesting newly engaged couples from around the world to send in a folded origami crane along with their names, wedding date and city. Each crane represents the couple's vision of their future together.

The Wedding Company will use the collected cranes to construct a big and beautiful chandelier, thus uniting couples around the world. The chandelier will be on display at their 2010 wedding show.

Their goal is to collect 5000 cranes and what's more is for each received, they will donate 50 cents to cancer research. By the way, I am referring to the spare change 50 cent, not the rapper.